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Hello everyone~ :heart:

This group is for owners and enthusiasts of UniCats, a closed species brought to you by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1.

Please note that this group was made for THIS SPECIFIC unicorn-cat species owned by mouldyCat and unicorngirl1 only, so don't submit pictures of your own species here (only exception is the "Featured" folder).

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: DISCLAIMER:
We do not claim to own the concept of mixing cats with unicorns and we don't mind when other people make a similar species - as long as it doesn't possess the same specific traits (in combination) that our unicorn-cat-breed has, it'll be fine. :3 (Read about those traits and features below.)

Species Specs:
UniCats are a mix-breed of cats and unicorns.
In their UniCat true form they exist with fur in all sorts of colors; on their big chest they all have some kind of "cutie mark" (may appear in the same shape on different UniCats), and they have kitty ears, a unicorn tail and a rainbow horn.
In very rare cases they develop wings when in puberty, but they never grow big enough for them to actually be able to fly.
They have an alternate humanoid form, though some of them may decide to remain in their true form forever.
Their humanoid form, in all cases, has a rainbow horn on its head, cat ears and a unicorn tail (or whatever tail the mutant/subspecies true form has).
I think they originally came from an island called Pink Britain and for some reason quite a few of them really like eating corn....... hah
There are a few subspecies, you can find the descriptions for them by clicking here >> Subspecies Collection

Species Rules
You may alter their gender/cutie mark/general appearance a little, but in either of their forms you will have to keep the rainbow horn(s), the kitty ears and the unicorn tail(s) (or mutant tails).
Cross-breeding with other species is not allowed.
This species is CLOSED for now. Currently only mouldyCat, unicorngirl1, theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color, Wintryabyss, Aristanova, Oliv-e, Ashuri, StargazerSammie, & Minto-Hime have permission to make customs.
Credit them for the original design!

To be allowed to breed (or co-breed) with UniCats or their subspecies and sell the kittens, you need to have bought at least 2 (from any of those posted in our group) and you have to comment here to officially get permission >> (Get Breeding Permission Here) and to get our breeding bases (you can also make your own bases and if you want us to we will add them to our official collection ^^).

There are rules on how to breed UniCats and Unicats with their subspecies, you can find them here:
Breeding Etiquette
Breeding Rules
READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW THESE RULES (both links!!) If you don't we'll have to revoke your breeding rights.

Please note that each PAIRING cannot have more than 4 kids! (However, you can pair up your UniCat with as many other UniCats as you wish.) You may also cross any genders of UniCats you want, e.g. fxf, mxm is fine.

Gallery Folders:

:bulletpink: Featured
Used to showcase cool species other people have created. Suggestions are always welcome! ^^

:bulletpink: Beginners
Here you can find Adoptables/Breedings that are reserved for people who do not own any UniCats yet, as well as any information you need to get started. c:

:bulletpink: Character Reference Sheets
Self-explanatory xD

:bulletpink: Other
Any random UniCat-related drawings, paintings, pixel dolls etc that don't fit in the other categories go in here.

:bulletpink: Adoptables
Find/Buy UniCat adoptables!

:bulletpink: Herd Sheets/Breedables
Here you can put your UniCats that are open for breeding and/or pictures of your herds! (Please make clear if any are NOT open for breeding or if you do not have breeding permission yet.)

:bulletpink: Breeding
Post your pairings and cute little offspring open for adoption here. :3 You are allowed to breed and collab once you've bought 2 UniCats from this folder or the "Adoptables" folder!

:bulletpink: Customs
Custom-made UniCat characters
Bri's custom information
Ashuri's custom information
Sammie's custom information
Ashley's custom information
Quapon's custom information
Mouldy's custom information (VERY OUTDATED)
Uni's custom information (HIATUS)

:bulletpink: Collabs
For UniCat group shots, be it organized by YOU or the staff. ;3

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: If you're looking for a place to re-sell UniCats you don't want to keep anymore, please refer to this journal:…

The lovely UniCat base for our group icon was made by theRainbowOverlord <3









Gallery Folders

Character Art
Peachy Ref by PirateGayKinq
Elvis Icon from and for Katcombs by AriaThordia
Rosalie Icon from and for Katcombs by AriaThordia
Rainie Icon from and for Candi-Kii by AriaThordia
Adopt - Dullahan Mutant - SOLD by StargazerSammie
Adopt - Elfrex Mini Batch by StargazerSammie
[CLOSED] Elfrex Subspecies Sheet 2 by mouldyCat
[CLOSED] Elfrex Subspecies by mouldyCat
Herd Sheets
Unicat Herd (Open for Breeding) by Xocoa
All my unicats by pokjy
Herdsheet by AriaThordia
UNICAT HERD by zippyskipy
Open Water Color X Anna-Liisa Breeding Results by EtySky
OPEN missy x chimo by xxliquidrainbowxx
OPEN unicat leftovers! by xxliquidrainbowxx
Breeding Batch 90- Mehrune x Ortheus -open- by Elevera
Custom Unicat - Guts by Quapon
Three Custom Unicats by Quapon
Custom Unicat - Crowley by Quapon
[CUSTOMS] UniCat True Forms by mouldyCat
Collabs + Events
Unicat Fan Collab {5 Spots open} by Ashuri
Unicat Fan Collab  5 Spots left by TaintedOneNinja
Unicat Fan Collab [FULL] by mouldyCat
Group of kittens - Unicats Collab! by vortex-larva
Commission Advertisement
Hello everyone, I have a very important topic to discuss with you.

Copying and Pasting Designs and Art Theft

This is not a recent issue, this is something that has been happening since the group began and the Admins feel very strongly about it. We have finally made a decision to address it and get it out in the open so you know where we stand.

To begin, we Admins feel that we are a community and that everything we do effects the others within our sphere. We care about and support each other; which I for one am extremely grateful for, given recent events.

Unicats are a fun species; their unique abilities lead to many interesting designs and challenges. The joy of collecting Unicats also stems from the fun of creating; to be able to make your own and inspire others to do so as well. Wintryabyss said "The beauty of breeding is to create original offspring and to let the owner(s) of the parents feel like they own a unique design in some respect while passing on the traits to the next generation." I think that is a wonderful sentiment.

Item #1: Coping and Pasting Designs

What we Admins mean by copying and pasting simply means taking someones Unicat (while breeding) and making a near exact copy of it with minor (if any) changes, ranging from colour change to adding a few different pixels.

This will no longer be tolerated. Going forward 80% of a Unicat's design MUST be original work. Obviously adhering to the General rules of breeding Unicats (taking colours from the parents, eye colours, etc) you can take inspiration from the parent designs and incorporate that into your design but it must NOT be a carbon copy. You should have two-four unique designs.

Failure to follow this new rule will result in a warning, followed by a second if it continues. There will be no third warning; you will lose breeding rights for a set period. After that period of time is over you will be allowed to breed again. Should you receive another warning after your rights being reinstated, you will lose them permanently.

The Admins will be watching and keeping track of those who have been warned.

Item #2: Art Theft

The reason we're bringing this to your attention now is that the amount of copying/pasting going on is vast and it is at its core; THEFT.

People's designs are being stolen by others and sold; you are taking away from those who have spent so much time coming up with unique designs, who have worked so hard on them- just to make some quick points or because you missed out on a design you wanted.

This is a very serious issue and we want to be able to protect those who have unfortunately been victims of this. This discussion has been a long time coming and we are sorry for those who have suffered. We want to bring joy and faith back to the community where people don't have to worry about this happening anymore or be afraid of people breeding with their Unicats or art theft.

The great thing about Unicats is that they are unique and there are so many combinations and designs out there; copy/pasting brings nothing to the community but theft and pain.
More Journal Entries


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pupboys Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
hi!!! this species is super cute and i'm really interested in them! is anyone currently open for a custom?
if not, that's okay- i just wanted to ask! thanks so much!!
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WingsThePhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
quick little question from me
i just got this new bean


and the mix is apparently labeled at "tufted wings + fuzzy ears" but i'm pretty sure that's not the proper label
one of my friends says it looks like a housefly mutant/tufted winged mutant/normal unicat mix or something along those lines

what would you guys label this baby as?
(2 Replies)
cutiiebutt-creations Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can someone move my 'rehoming unicats' deviant from the 'other' folder to 'adoptables' when i went to add it to the group the folder didn't show up on the list of options.. thanks!
(1 Reply)
mewhaku Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So I am feeling in a trading mood of sorts-…

If you'd like either of these unicats, you may:
1. Offer a piece of artwork for 'em
2. Offer another character
3. Or say why you'd like 'em!

And I'll 99.9% of the time accept. =P Want to clean out my character list. So yeah!
(1 Reply)
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